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Making a Grand Entrance

Travel to your event in luxury and style

There’s really no doubt about it: you’re in for an extravagant experience when you hire a limousine for an event. Aside from the luxury ride, there are many other reasons why hiring a limousine service is a great idea.
You can guarantee that the service will be credible and reliable, granted you use the right company. It’s a hassle-free travel experience as the drivers are experts in efficient travel and it’s guaranteed a safe trip. The question is: what are the best occasions to hire a limousine?

Bachelor/bachelorette party

Ride in a limo with your close friends or bridal party and chat over a bottle of champagne while you’re out and about on the town. Limousine companies offer packages that include good music, lighting and stops at designated eating places. Once you’re done dining, the limousine will be waiting to take you to the next venue. Hiring a limousine is a safer and more fun alternative to hiring numerous cabs or looking for a designated sober driver to drive around town.

Wedding day

Picture this: you’re at a wedding and you’re waiting for the bride to arrive. Suddenly you hear a car pulling up and you see a beautiful stretch limousine. The bride steps out in a beautiful gown and the picture you see in front of you is idyllic.
The bride’s big entrance is basically a teaser and sets the tone for the rest of the day. If you’re looking to make a grand entrance, then imagine arriving in a limousine on your big day. Limousines are perfect for weddings because there is enough room for the bride and her dress, so she will not have to struggle to get out of the vehicle and risk damaging her beautiful gown. Many limousine services offer special services for couples so on the drive to the reception, the happy couple can enjoy some champagne. If you’d like, the bridal party can join in on the celebration.
If you’re celebrating a milestone birthday or you like celebrating big each year, arrive in style to your birthday party. You can choose to ride alone or bring some of your closest friends or family. Nothing says celebration like arriving in a limousine.

School formals

Like weddings, with school formals it’s all about the grand entrance – especially when so many photos will be taken. Make the event something you’ll look back on with fond memories and book a transport option that will make you and your date feel like royalty.

If your special day and event is around the corner, don’t hesitate to book your limousine.

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