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5 Exotic limousines from around the world

Go big or go home

In 1985, the world saw the debut of the longest limousine. This limo was aptly dubbed ‘The American Dream’, and a dream car it surely was. The American Dream was built by car guru, Jay Ohrberg, and included a Jacuzzi, a diving board, a king-sized water bed and a helicopter landing pad. Impressive right? Unfortunately, the car met its demise, suffering damage to its body and broken windows.

While the original decked out limousine has seen its last days, it hasn’t stopped many from creating the next American Dream.
From VIP bars to DJ booths and disco floors, let’s take a look at five decked out limousines from around the world:

1. Triple axle eight-wheel hummer

Looking to have a night to remember with some of your friends while travelling in style and luxury? May we recommend the triple axle eight-wheel hummer? With two VIP lounges (yes, two), a disco and a sound system to rival any nightclub – you may want to keep the night going in the limo. The entire exterior of the Hummer has been adapted to extend to a new length, it has the special extras like scissor doors and the most luxurious interior, which makes it a cut above anything else on the road.

2. NASCAR themed limousine

US-based Racing Limos is a franchise that offers NASCAR-themed limousines. However, this is not the ‘wow’ factor. So what makes this tricked out limo so special? Maybe the sound of leather seats does not reel you in but seven flat screens and a PlayStation console might. If you’re not into gaming, grab your friends and get singing all night with karaoke while a chauffeur, sporting a jumpsuit, drives you and your friends around the town.

3. Chevrolet Corvette limousine

Over the years, the Corvette has won numerous awards and is always included on the ‘100 Coolest Cars’ list. It’s the car that every generation in your family has on their dream car list. Because Chevrolet is constantly pushing the envelope for innovative cars, it comes as no surprise that we see the invention of a Chevrolet Corvette limousine. What can you expect from this limousine? Disco floor, a bar, stainless steel ceiling with fibre optic lights and an electric fireplace. If this is not enough for you, the suspension of the limo is custom made with an airbag system, which means this vehicle’s height can be adjusted with a special remote control.

4. Batmobile limousine

Every comic book enthusiast will tell you that the best car in the world is Batman’s Batmobile. The heavily-armoured and gadget-laden vehicle has been a firm fan favourite for decades, and with a Batmobile limousine, you’ll feel like fighting crime in Gotham as well. It was built in 2012 and features all the gadgets used in the Batman movies.

5. Rolls Royce Serenity

Rolls Royce has created a one-off Phantom limousine named Serenity. The limo has a mother-of-pearl paint job, an expensive paint that provides a pearl-like shimmer. This took a full 12 hours to paint. The car’s interior has been kitted out with hand-painted silk with a blossom motif, which took more than 600 hours to apply. This is a limousine that has the most exquisite and bespoke custom interior.

These days, limousines are fitted with high-quality audio-visual systems, gaming consoles and custom woodwork that makes passengers feel at ease and special. It is certainly exciting thinking about what the next decade holds for custom limousines.

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