5 Exotic limousines from around the world

Go big or go home In 1985, the world saw the debut of the longest limousine. This limo was aptly dubbed ‘The American Dream’, and a dream car it surely was. The American Dream was built by car guru, Jay Ohrberg, and included a Jacuzzi, a diving board, a king-sized water bed and a helicopter landing pad. Impressive right? Unfortunately, the car met its demise, suffering damage to its body...
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Making a Grand Entrance

Travel to your event in luxury and style There’s really no doubt about it: you’re in for an extravagant experience when you hire a limousine for an event. Aside from the luxury ride, there are many other reasons why hiring a limousine service is a great idea. You can guarantee that the service will be credible and reliable, granted you use the right company. It’s a hassle-free travel experience as...
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